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I am a functional strength coach, nutrition specialist, wife, dog mom and wellness enthusiast living in Toronto, ON.

As a former dancer, I struggled for many years with my body image and disordered eating, and learned to define my worth based on how my body looked. In the pursuit of self-confidence I would never reach on that path, I found myself unhealthy, feeling terrible, and out of tune with the signals my body was sending me.

After educating myself and doing countless hours of internal work, I've come to a deep understanding that wellness is about much more than external markers such as the size of our bodies or the amount of weight we can lift in the gym.


It's about tuning in to how you feel.

It's about nourishing yourself.

It's about understanding who you are.

It's about having a sound mind.

It's about loving yourself.


I want to help women gain awareness and understanding about their bodies so they are empowered to make decisions about their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle that are right for THEM.


Casey's podcast "How Do You Feel" is an absolute must have on my podcast subscription list. Only a few episodes in and I knew I was hooked.

Casey takes you on a journey in each episode encouraging reflection & discussion on topics of fitness, nutrition, life as a whole. Challenging the way we as a society approach certain topics and offering a fresh take on how we can ultimately look within to thrive day to day. 


Interviewing some absolute gems along the way, you'll be sure to have a laugh as you listen along episode to episode.  

—  A. lachapelle

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